Dewy Bar Moisturizer - NOT a SOAP!

We know our Pretty Hunters want to feel as pretty as they look,
and the Dewy Bar hits the bulls eye on giving you the softest, prettiest skin!
Once you try this moisturizing body butter bar** (Nope, it's NOT a SOAP!) you will be hunting it down again and again!
By far our most popular body care product, simply schmear it on while you are still damp from your bath or not rinse off...then pat dry. We promise you will love the feel & smell...lightly scented with lemon & lavender.
Choose from with or with out exfoliate.
4 oz., should get 40-60 days out of your bar.
** Our AMAZING Dewy Bars are not available for shipping when temps are over 70 degrees (they will melt like butta), but if you feel you MUST have some this summer..please contact us to discuss.