How To Become A Retailer

Interested in carrying Pretty Hunter Gear in your retail space?

We respect our customers and we respect the products we handcraft. All of our merchandise is guaranteed to elevate the mind, excite the spirit, and spark an adventure. We want you to share in the essence of what makes us Pretty Hunter.

We proudly field test our Pretty Hunter Gear, and guarantee your satisfaction with it. We will review your information in an effort to make certain the relationship will be beneficial for both of us, as well as to protect the location distribution. Your investment in our brand is important to us!

Please fill out this form to request that we start the process of making your retail space 'Prettier'! After receiving the information included in the form below and a copy of the aforementioned documents, we will review to determine your eligibility for a wholesale account. If approved, you will be notified by email with a login name and password. Please be advised that the minimum opening order is $400 at wholesale prices.
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