Fleur De Lis Bullet Buckle with Camo Green Swarovski Crystals & Rustic Base

Bodacious bullets meet beauty with this ornate buckle design.
We love them so much we bring them to you in 4 different colors, so shop Pretty Hunter style and get yourself all 4! (Heck, give one away if it makes you feel better) This style features Camo Green Swarovski Crystals, hand cut bullets, and a rustic hue cast pewter base, Made in the USA.
Looks fabulous with any of our custom leather belts!

Measures 3.75" x 2.75"
This item is handcrafted from genuine spent rounds which will vary from pictured -- every piece you see on the item is handset (one by one) - therefore there will be some slight variances in each buckle - it will be your own piece of Pretty Hunter art! Items may take up to 2 weeks to ship, longer for international orders. We thank you for your patience as we know you are excited to rock out your beautiful buckle!!

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